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Signup Instructions Jobs at Meets and Swimmer Availability

Jobs are at the heart of Cedarbrook swimming. We value the time and effort of all our volunteers that make our meets and events a success.

We require all families to volunteer for THREE JOBS. Most of these jobs are at A and B meets and are essential to running a meet. We understand that some families may face challenges in fulfilling these job requirements so we offer a buyout option in which a family can buy out of up to 2 jobs ($100/job). We require all families to volunteer for at least ONE JOB. 

Kiddie Hawk families (with ONLY Kiddie Hawk swimmers) are required to volunteer for TWO JOBS. We have set aside jobs at Friday Pep Rallies for Kiddie Hawk-only families. We also recommend volunteering at the end-of-season Mini Meet. 

How to Register for Jobs and Swims at a Meet:



Log in to the website. Login is found in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

If you can’t remember your password, click "Forgot your password" to reset your password.

Under the Meets & Events tab, select "Calendar" to sign up for a swim meet.

Job Signup

  • Click the green JOB SIGNUP tab and sign up for volunteer shifts (note one parent may sign up both parents for jobs -- scroll down and you’ll see the other parent listed). If you know you and your spouse will not be at this meet, skip to Swimmer Signup.
  • Click Save Assignments.
  • Click Back to Signup Calendar.

Swimmer Signup (Opening in early June)

Swimmer signup helps coaches be aware of swimmer availability for A and B meets. 

  • Click the green MEET ENTRY tab, and then click the green Edit tab under your athletes' names.
  • For each of your swimmers, select an option from the drop down list next to their names.
    • (undeclared) 
    • Attending
    • Not Attending
  • Swimmers may select THREE events for B meets. Swimmers are allowed to sign up for 3 individual events plus IM.
  • Specify your swimmer's availability for relays from the drop down options (if offered). 
  • Click Save to record your choices.
  • Coaches will pick top 3 times for individual events (top 6 for freestyle) in each age group for competition in A meets (on Saturday mornings). Saturday morning lineups are usually posted on the prior Thursday.

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